2021 Dakar Rally – Stage 4 Preview

Today’s stage begins with a 266km liaison to the start of the special. The special is 337km long with three checkpoints, and is followed by a further 253km liaison to tonight’s bivouac in Riyadh.

This is the longest stage of the rally, and the riders will cover around 850 km.

There are fuel stops at the beginning of the special, the first checkpoint 125km in and at the end of the special. That means the riders will have to travel the final 212km of the special without refuelling.

The special stage is unlikely to push competitors to their limit, in fact rally organisers have said that riders should enjoy the fast winding tracks.

There will be less sand and big dunes today, but the high winds of the last few days could make some of the tracks hard to identify.

In the bike category, 96 riders are expected to start today.

Andrew Houlihan (#62 – KTM 450RFR) will leave on the first liaison at 6:38:30 am and and the special at 10:33:30 am.

Coca-Cola Nomadas Adventure teammate Pablo Guillen (#35 – KTM 450RFR) will leave just 30 seconds behind him, so it is quite likely they will spend time riding together again today.

You can follow the live timing here.