Andrew Houlihan to debut all new KTM 450 Baja bike

Andrew Houlihan will debut an all new KTM 450 Baja bike in this week’s 3rd round of the 2023 FIM Baja World Cup in Spain.

The custom built bike has been prepared by Dimitri Lassithiotakis and the team at Aurora Rally Equipment in Greece.

Starting with a KTM 450EXC supplied by KTM Greece, Aurora Rally Equipment have fitted some of their latest equipment to the bike, including a newly designed SuperLight navigation tower.

Since their launch some 10 years ago, Aurora have been innovators in the design and construction of  specialist equipment for rally bikes. The company has gone to great lengths to find the best combination of materials that provide strength while reducing weight, and also allow some flexibility to absorb the shocks that rally bikes experience and protect the essential navigation gear.

The new SuperLight tower fitted to Andrew’s KTM 450 Baja bike is reportedly lighter, lower and more robust than any of the company’s previous designs, and it also helps to improve the safety of the rider in the event of a crash.

The bike is also fitted with a larger fuel tank than the standard 450EXC and some other equipment specifically designed by Aurora for the tough environment of a Baja rally.

“Dimitri and Aurora Rally Equipment have worked their butts off on this bike and have had many late nights getting it ready to race. This bike is really something special and I can’t wait to ride it”, Andrew says.

But the bike won’t even be started until Andrew arrives in Spain because he will be carrying the final components in the build.

“I have custom suspension and a custom ECU from Rex Fleiter at Fuel Torque in Brisbane which I will be taking over on the plane with me, and then I think we will have as close as you can get to the perfect Baja Bike !!!”

Andrew will ride the newly built KTM 450 Baja in the remaining 6 rounds of the championship.

He will also be back with Hernan Samaniego and the Nomadas Adventure Coca-Cola Racing team who will provide service for the European rounds of the championship.

“I’ve spent the past 5 years including the Africa Eco race and two Dakar rallies with these guys and to have their support again for the remaining Baja World Cup rounds is amazing.”

The Spanish round of the championship, the Baja TT Dehesa Extremadura 2023, will be held from April 14 to 16 in different locations in the province of Badajoz and in Portuguese territory.