Pan Africa Rally 2019 : Day 6

75km special stage

The last day!

All sand dunes today and they saved the biggest ones for last!

My bike is all good to be raced today and as I missed day 5, I was in the last pack to start. So it was always going to be a difficult day.

The first 20km of dunes were good and today we had the biggest dune yet – over 200 metres high.

When I got to the base of this one there were already 3-4 bikes stuck on the face. I followed another rider around the back of the dune and we found a better way up that wasn’t as steep.

Going down the other side was just hang on and hope for the best, there were also a few riders who had fallen on the down side.

After another 10km I had another small mechanical problem, a bolt had come loose and was preventing me from turning the bike right.

I could not see what the problem was, I only knew that I could go in a straight line or turn left.

I was also in very soft high dunes and there was no where to stop.

I rode in a straight line for about 1-2 km until I could find a safe place to stop. It took me a while to work out what the problem was and then I was back riding. But by this stage I was way off track and it was almost impossible to get back on the right route as in the dunes it is navigation by compass bearings only.

I eventually located the finish line and was elated to finish the Pan Africa Rally.

After the events of the past few days I was not concerned at all with my position, I just wanted to get through with no more bike problems and no injuries.

The body is very sore and worn, knee is a little swollen but good.

We now have 5 days rest before Rallye Du Maroc in Fes.