The morning after the rally before ..

Monday 30th September, 2019 – Merzouga, Morocco

A lazy morning today.

Ah you have to love Morocco! The hotel WiFi is down and we can’t pay our bills with credit cards, so we sit and wait … and wait … and wait. After 2 hours the WiFi came good, but then we realised the laundry Pablo put in 2 days ago has not been returned! So we waited another hour for that.

The build up to Rallye du Maroc is in full swing. The Monster Energy Dakar service truck and many others are in the car park today, and one of the race team’s private helicopter is here as well.

I had a night dreaming about sand dunes and navigation. Waking up thinking why am I doing this???? The past 3 weeks have been equivalent to a Dakar Rally and I’m mentally and physically exhausted.

At breakfast this morning it was a relief to hear that Pablo is feeling exactly the same. We are now feeling out of our league, and competing at a world class level is very intimidating for 2 very “amateur” riders.

But we started something 8 months ago and made a commitment. I may have underestimated a few things but we will see this through to the end. There are people in this world that won’t support you – even want to see you fail. And that’s one of the things that motivates me even more to follow my dreams.

We have one more day of rest and then we’re off to Fes for the Rallye du Maroc.