We’re heading to Qatar!


12/03/2023 10:05am, Melbourne

For the first time in 5 years we only have a short 14 hour flight to Doha. Normally I arrive in Doha or Dubai and then have another 8-9 hour flight to my next destination.

The past few weeks have been mayhem with my work being the main focus. I did manage to sneak 4 days of riding in the high country with one of my sponsors and good friend Shaun Walsh from Walsh Earthmoving.

He’s a good rider and a great person who has been supporting me for the past few years, and my time with Shaun always helps me get mentally prepared before a big race.

Not to mention riding with him also keeps me on my game!

The weather for the second round of the FIM World Baja Rally Champs in Qatar looks like it’ll be hot. The temperatures in Doha are forecast to be in the mid 30’s, and hopefully we don’t have the freezing cold mornings like we did during round 1 in Saudi Arabia.

I am so lucky to have Katie with me at this race. She will definitely make things much easier and  will work great with the guys from Saudi Dirt Bike Centre.

We’ve only ever transited through Qatar on the way to other destinations, so it will be great to spend some time there to check everything out. 

But when things don’t go to plan, which is what usually happens with travel at the moment, it’s “entertaining” to have Katie there with me to sort the problems out!!!

The event in Qatar will be a much bigger event than Round 1 and has the highest ever number of entries for this event. There are quite a few big name riders racing too, and with many of the Dakar riders now recovered and attending the competition will be taken up to the next level.

It’ll be great to catch up with a lot of the riders I have raced with at Dakar and other events.

The bike is serviced and ready to go. I’ll be on the Husqvarna FR450 Dakar bike I rode in the Saudi Arabian round last month. The new KTM 450 Baja bike the guys at Aurora Rally Equipment in Athens are building wasn’t quite ready in time, but I’ll have it for Round 3 in Spain.